We can’t tell you with accuracy if André Prévin is dead in his eighty-ninth or ninetieth year. He himself was not sure of being born in 1929 or 1930. On Thursday, the agency who represented, IMG Artists, has announced his death in a press release.

When his parents immediately left Germany in 1938 to escape the nazis, they removed all traces, including the civil status papers. The son of a jewish lawyer in berlin a passionate music lover, Andreas Priwin was a decade ago when his family, after a trip to Paris where he was enrolled in the Conservatoire, moved to Los Angeles. This is where they transformed their name to the Previn, as had been the case before them, a cousin from germain installed in California, where he was music director of Universal studios. Become Andre Previn, he obtained american citizenship in 1943. His musical education was largely self-taught, although he took lessons in conducting with the …

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