Its “deaf words of love” do will resonate more. Nilda Fernández, the singer of the franco-Spanish with the distinctive voice, sharp and sweet at the same time, died Sunday of heart failure in the south of France, at the age of 61 years. “Author, composer, interpreter, Nilda has devoted his entire life to the creation. Musician, writer, he stood up in the depths of his being, the figure of the artist,” says his family in a press release.

The vocalist of the French-Spanish Nilda Fernandez died – Watch on Figaro Live

Born in Barcelona in an andalusian family in 1957, he grew up in Lyon and then to Toulouse. He taught two years of Spanish and then travel with his guitar, “playing in bars, clubs and other small venues, the chance encounters and opportunities”, one can read on its website. In 1981, he recorded The Happiness with , his first album. After six years away from music, during which time he followed that trades multiple, Nilda Fernández returned in 1987 with Madrid, Madrid , which makes access to the celebrity. In 1991 follows with the album Nilda Fernández with the title Our engagement . It does not take more than for the following year, the singer and guitarist is sacred “revelation” male,” to the Victories of the music, and plays the first part of the concert of Sting in Paris, in front of an audience of 15,000 people.

In 1993, to defend his album 500 años , recorded entirely in Spanish, the singer crosses the Atlantic. The United States, Mexico, Chile and Argentina him reserve a warm welcome. The following year, in Argentina, he sings a duet with Mercedes Sosa, a key figure of Latin american music. Back in France, Nilda Fernández published a novel, It goes for a soliloquy in Stock. He was then touring in a caravan, for two months, from Barcelona to Paris. The musician goes back more than one thousand five hundred miles, revisits the places the highlights of his existence. With My Tribute , containing the most famous songs of Barbara, Charles Aznavour, Léo Ferré, or Claude François, he said his love of French song. He, however, who exerted the most influence on Nilda Fernández is not a musician, but a man of letters: Federico García Lorca. In 1999, he put in music some of his poems in a disk titled Castelar 704.

In 2001, Nilda Fernández wins Russia, and disappears almost completely in the French scene. There, he recorded duets with the singer and showman Boris Moïsseev. After five years in Moscow, and a passage to Cuba, where he creates a performance art circus, the guitartiste returns to France and continues to produce albums: Ti Amo and enough Is Enough . In 2014, Nilda Fernández began his last tour, then playing with his musicians in the bistros of Paris, as a return to his younger years.

Our engagement , Nilda Fernández