Deaths from coronavirus Petersburgers have allowed to be buried in any cemeteries

In St. Petersburg has lifted some restrictions on the burial of the dead from coronavirus or suspected him. As reported by the city administration, since may 28 allowed to be buried in any cemeteries, but only “in a related tomb land within the fences of family graves or in the family (ancestral) burial”.

At Smolny noted that during the funeral must be observed all the necessary precautions – saladerie social distance, the use of personal protective equipment.

To date, patients who died from COVID-19 were buried at two cemeteries — Ilica and New Kolpino.

Recall, the rules of funeral in St. Petersburg was tightened in connection with the pandemic. Citizens who are victims of the new coronavirus infection, were allowed to be buried in sealed coffins. Later the burial place was restricted to two cemeteries.

Also, the CPS tried to ban the farewell ceremony for those relatives who died a violent death or accident, but a few days later the decision was canceled.

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Nadezhda Tikhonova was sent to the Prosecutor asking to check the legality of the new rules of the funeral imposed for the period of the pandemic.

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