Dentist told, than run the risk of patients without a planned receptions

In the dental clinics of St. Petersburg closed a planned admission patients. According to “Dr. Peter”, the chief dentist of the city and Vice-rector on educational work Spbgmu them. Pavlov Andrey Yaremenko believes that the time has come to gradually open up, and tell than a sequel to forbidden mode is dangerous for patients and doctors.

According to him, in the first place to the reception to come to those who do not have time because of a pandemic, complete the treatment or prosthetics. Also regular follow up patients in need of orthodontics.

in addition, for some people the lack of control on the part of doctors is dangerous because of the possible development of cancer.

“At the first stage we propose to resume the planned surgical debridement for getting rid of foci of chronic infection and monitoring of patients with diseases of mucous membrane — they are at risk of developing an aggressive form of cancer,” — said Yaremenko.

In the second phase, the dentists suggested to start taking new patients for dentures, orthodontics, full open surgery, the implantation. Last, you can open a professional dental cleaning, bone grafting and complex dental treatment.

the Main dentist said that the doctors are able to organize safe reception of patients.

“In the clinics, operating honestly and correctly, the probability of infection of a patient with coronavirus is very small, he said. — Should have an understanding about the division of patients into groups according to the degree of apicoplast, use of means of protection, internal alterations, taking into account social spacing. In addition, the reception should be conducted necessarily on the record and after talking on the phone with the Registrar it finds out whether the patient has a cold or cough, could not endure if he recently COVID-19, if he had any contacts with the infected. If he can potentially be a source of infection, then the treatment will do in the end reception and special precautions”.

If you leave the limitations Yaremenko fears that people will fall into the hands of private owners who work “underground”.

“we in the Association receives a huge amount of complaints of patients and dentists, who tell us that some traders are receiving almost two shifts, and without remedies, without complying with social distancing and so on, — said the doctor. — In fact, patients go at your own risk — they have not get help and try to find her by any means. And clinic, in turn, trying to keep the teams and to pay employees wages”.

Yaremenko fears that due to downtime clinic will lose qualified personnel. “When it will become nothing to eat, they will go to private dentistry, who continue to work informally”, he said.

“In any case, Express the gradual opening — the only right decision. Patients are still looking for a way to get medical help as looking for a hairdressers today, specialists and so on. If you mow yourself is somehow possible, then to the dentist, this will not” — said the dentist.

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