“Gringotts is the safest place in the world. Apart from Hogwarts, maybe,” said Hagrid in the first part of the saga Harry Potter, sorcerer’s stone . On 6 April, the imposing building of white marble that dominates the streets of the cross road and is home to the property of wizards will open its doors to the public, in the studios of Leavesden, north of London. Transformed into a theme park under the name of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter, the older hangars londoners will be able to count on an additional ornament to delight the public.

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Gringotts bank, the wizards led by Goblins, creatures, misshapen and very likeable, is known as an impregnable fortress. Approach the treasures is a true challenge. We just have to remember the scene of anthology, in the second part of Deathly hallows where Harry, Hermione and Ron, in their quest of the seven horcruxes of Voldemort (objects in which he has concealed a part of his soul), and attempt to retrieve the cup of Hufflepuff locked in the vault of the dark family Lestrange.

The path passes through. Le Figaro

This new expansion of 1500 square meters, as Le Figaro visited it for the first time, offer the public the opportunity to set foot on the soil of the majestic hall lined with huge marble columns and decorated with three sumptuous crystal chandeliers. Before immersing in the strong room of the family Lestrange containing the treasures of Bellatrix, witch, adept of black magic and a loyal ally of Voldemort, camped by Helena Bonham Carter. Unbreakable, the room was guarded by a dragon is protected by the evils of Duplication and Burning. When the thief touches an object, it increases and is exposed to disappear, buried under thousands of items.

“The challenge has been to reconstruct the decoration of the same,” says the prop master-in-chief Pierre Bohanna who worked on the eight films. To fill the vault of Lestrange, we used the 40,000 objects in rubber, of which 7 000 cuts Hufflepuff golden. For the largest chandelier in the lobby, not less than 30,000 pieces imitation crystal have been necessary.”

The studios also promise a animation new allowing fans to take a picture of themselves surrounded by the treasures of the vault. In addition, visitors will learn about the costumes and prosthetics amazing Gripsec and other bankers goblin played by Warwick Davis. During the presentation, the british actor delivered us from the tasty memories of filming.

“My first day on the set of Harry Potter” – Look on Figaro Live

The bank of the sorcerers is in line with other impressive scenery of the saga. The magic operates as of the beginning of the journey, when, after a brief presentation, the screen moves up to present the brilliant door of the great hall of Hogwarts. The hut of Hagrid to the dormitories of the boys, passing by the room of the potions, the studios in london is opening the way to walk in to a beautiful scenery. A decor made of thousands of pieces fascinating. Like those which abound in Dumbledore’s office, between telescopes, maps of the stars, or hundreds of vials labelled by hand.

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The warm kitchen of the Weasley is filled with utensils of magic that the visitor can operate. The children are fascinated by an iron that irons only, or a knit that is made in a vacuum. They marveled at the beauty of the furniture that makes up the boys ‘ dorm, or in the dark dining room of the manor house of Malfoy. The visit is prolonged by an entry in the forbidden forest, where nest in an interlaced roots of giant trees, hippogriffe, or monstrous spiders. Without forgetting the famous track 9 3/4, where parade the beautiful Hogwarts express to which visitors rush to get up there.

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Our eyes widened when we take the wondrous cross-road with its shops full of extraordinary objects. Pots, ears, extension, philtres of love, the 17,000 wands teaches Ollivanders where the young Harry Potter has found his happiness make up a nice jumbled enchanted. The street plunged into darkness soothing offers a true immersion in the magic world.

Minerva McGonagall, and Dumbledore. le Figaro

fear and trembling at the end, when, after more than three hours of tours, full of many costumes, creatures and animations, young fans, as well as the less young, are faced with the scale model ( 1/24 scale) detail of the castle of Hogwarts, used for all the exterior shots. Strikingly, it is the pride of modellers who have installed over 2,500 light bulbs to fiber optics to simulate the torches and lanterns, used real gravel for the rocks, and real plants for the green spaces. The castle appears in the first six episodes, before being recreated in digital for the last two. A model which, in itself, perpetuates the magic of Harry Potter.