The megalomania. Disneyland will open in June next the doors of its all-new area dedicated to the world of Star Wars in the park of Anaheim in California, and then in September in Florida. Attention, this time, no question of remaining passive. The space extends over almost six hectares and is focusing on the active participation of the visitors, guided by a scenario developed in which their choices will prove decisive. The american giant of the entertainment account disrupt the usual codes of the theme parks. A digital revolution that promises already mountains and marvels.

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In this all-new area, the novice as the biggest fans of the saga interstellar George Lucas will be able to stroll in the alleys of a village of smugglers on the planet legendary Batuu, whose decorations are inspired by the markets moroccans and turks. Beyond the facilities ambitious, the american studio has mostly decided to put the mobile phone in the heart of the experience.

With the help of their smartphone and the dedicated app), visitors will be able to create a new identity, to choose their camp, and from the discovery of this new world. Most importantly, they will have several missions to accomplish throughout their stay on Batuu. Free to them, however, to choose between help the First-Order or limit the actions of its spies in this new land.

Two main attractions In the “Smugglers Run”, the visitors will have the opportunity to take command of the famous starship of Han Solo. Screen Capture, YouTube

Visit the Millenium Falcon, a dream? Imagine driving the vessels of Solo and Chewie across the galaxy. Proposal flagship of Disney, “Smugglers Run” (that one can translate by “The race of smugglers”) abandons the concept of visitors and spectators. Between video game and attraction, this hybrid activity will propose to entrust the reins of the ship the fastest in the galaxy with a team of six people, where everyone will play a well defined role: pilot, engineers or gunners. The degree of success of the mission entrusted to him by Hondo Ohnaka will be decisive for the reputation of each and every visitor within the area, Star Wars .

Another great experience to discover, that of “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance”. “It is the attraction of the most epic we’ve ever built”, promises Scott Trowbridge, head of creative for Walt Disney Imagineering. “This attraction invites you to become a recruit of the Resistance, you raise against the First Order and even to find yourself face to face with Kylo Ren.” Less of an impact on aspects of video games, Rise of the Resistance update on another form of interactivity: the visitors will be moved through multiple venues and vehicles, and will meet several characters of the saga all along this adventure immersive.

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according To Scott Trowbridge, “it’s not just visitors that come to our theme parks, but the society in general”. Still remains the question of at what point the box Star Wars Marne-la-VallĂ©e, already planned for 2025, will look like its american sisters.