on Wednesday, ten years of the Marvel universe will end up. The theatrical release of Avengers Endgame will put an end to the “saga of the Endless”, begun in 2008 by the “House of ideas” with the feature film Iron Man . The first images revealed suggest that this epic adventure (three hours, watch in hand) will stage a confrontation dantesque between the “Avengers” survivors of Infinity War and Thanos, the supervilain the most successful of the saga. Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk and the rest of the band of vigilantes seem to have found an opponent to their size in the person of “Titan crazy”.

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Portrayed as a nihilistic worshipper of death, Thanos was created in 1973 by Jim Starlin ( Iron Man , vol 1 #55). The fate of the Titan, of the race of the Eternal (offshoot of humanity), is linked to that of the stones of the Infinite, the magical artifacts that allow control of the space-time and change reality. Its purpose? Get your hands on these valuable relics, and sow chaos in order to seduce Death, with whom he is in love. At the cinema, it is the actor Josh Brolin (using motion capture) which lends him his traits and his voice.

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In the quest of the gems of the Infinite Appearance of Thanos at the end of the first “Avengers” (2012). Screen Capture

Thanos makes his first appearance on the screen in the first installment of the franchise, Avengers , in 2012. The spectators discovered the eyes azure, and the demonic grin of the Titan crazy in the scene post-credits of the film. Two years later, they found themselves levitating on his throne, in the midst of stars, directing Ronan the Accuser to bring him the Orb, an object that contains the Stone of Power, one of the gems coveted. Betrayed by the latter, he eventually put on his Glove of the Infinite, allowing him to store the stones, in a short scene post-generic Avengers: Age of Ultron announcing the confrontation to come.

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Infinity War had cleverly put Thanos at the center of the story, in the middle of a molasses superhero. Result, it is the character with the most substance of the film, Joe and Anthony Russo. In this third film of the franchise, the Titan begins to search for the stones of the infinite. And gets them, one by one. He cleans the Space from the hands of Loki, leaving for dead the entire crew of the ship Asgardiens of Thor, steals the Reality, to the Collector, market that of Time with Doctor Strange and hard that the Spirit of the front Vision, killing him on the spot. The Titan is as powerful as no mercy: can strangle a god with his bare hands, throw planets at his enemies and to exterminate his own race in the name of an ideal of “peace”.

Ruthless “Titan Crazy” Thanos courts Death. Marvel Comics

With this feature, the brothers Russo, film-makers, give life to a Thanos cold, guided by his ideals and his intellect than by his feelings. He is not pursuing his quest for the love of Death. Here, his motivation is purely “ecological”: it wants to get rid of half of the universe whose resources are being depleted because of overpopulation. In parallel, the writers take the opportunity to develop the relationship of Thanos with his adoptive daughter Gamora, the only person to know where the Stone of the Soul. At the end of the arc of a narrative tragedy, the supervilain sacrifices the heroine, not without difficulty, to get the gem. Horrified, the viewer discovers a character ambivalent, whose plan monstrous, inspires a mixture of repulsion and empathy. The colossus, which appears on the screen at any of the ruthless Titan created by Starlin in the comics.

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The norse god Thor had almost managed to kill Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War , sending his axe brand new in the torso. The six stones of the Infinity on his glove, the Titan had slammed fingers, which instantly disappear, the half of the universe. And many of the super-hero with…