The word is there. On our language. But no, nothing is. The term that we seek does not come. What to do? “To invent a word in the dico”, to paraphrase The Unknown. “Pushing the limits of language,” to quote Wittgenstein. Why not indeed yield the neologism? Rabelais, Rimbaud, Michaux… All writers, or almost, have invented expressions to fill this void of the verb.

We are reminded of the word “mellifluent”, which means “sweet like honey” used in poetry by Apollinaire. Think also of the term “infiniverti” that usa Henri Michaux in The infinite turbulent ? Or, again, of the words: “charlisme”, “escroqueur”, “poudrederiz√©”… used by Marcel Proust?

The French language is full of inventions, sometimes, as popularized by the writers. Do you know them? Le Figaro proposes to you to discover in a short test.