Doctor: Children in Russia began to hurt

Doctors have expressed concern in connection with the appearance of “old” diseases in Russian children due to overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. So, in recent years, minors increasingly identify type II diabetes.

the Chief pediatric endocrinologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Valentina Peterkova reported that in Russia nearly 100 people a year the number of adolescents with diabetes of the second type. According to her, reports currently these children are already more than 1,700.

the Medic said that 20 years ago doctors believed that this disease is not possible for children to hurt. With the boys type two diabetes reveal more often than girls.

In turn, an endocrinologist Alla Ovsyannikova said that juvenile patients with diabetes type II diabetes is now more than 1% of the total number of patients. While type II diabetes is hereditary in 40-60% of cases. In other cases, the disease occurs due to the pull to overeat and love of high-calorie foods.

the Medic warned that during a pandemic coronavirus patients with diabetes face the risk of various complications.

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