Doctors in the Altai received a

the Investigative Committee of the Altai territory asked at least 25 staff members of regional medical institutions has not received the promised additional payments for work with infected with the coronavirus.

According to the Department of insurance, the majority of complaints received from the staff of the infectious Department of city hospital № 1 of Dnepropetrovsk.

the Deputy head of SU of SK Alexander Rubtsov personally listened to 18 nurses and representatives of the Junior medical staff and promised to investigate the situation.

it is Noted that the hospital is the primary unit, receiving patients with symptoms of SARS or pneumonia.

As it turned out, after the confirmation of the coronavirus patients are referred to a specialty hospital, and health workers remain in post. At the moment coronavirus were confirmed from four employees of the hospital of Rubtsovsk. In the Altai regional clinical hospital ambulance previously contracted about 40 physicians.

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