Dr. butcher accepts that the mortality of patients with coronavirus is recorded only where it is impossible to record otherwise

the Mortality rate of patients with coronavirus in Russia reflected in official statistics so that it does not get virus additional losses and the numbers looked minimal. This was reported in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the speaker of the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus in Moscow, Alexander Myasnikov.

the Doctor answered the questions well-known TV presenter about the reasons for the low mortality rate from coronavirus in Russia (seven times below the world, based on official Russian data). Doctor butcher recognized that in all cases, when a person died of a heart attack or any known disease, but he had the coronavirus — cause of death is already known to the disease.

The same is confirmed head of the pathology Department of the hospital where the butchers is the chief physician, Aus Daaboul. Doctors believe this method of accounting is correct. “Kovid — not the cause of death,” — said Myasnikov, noting for comparison that the cause of death of the plague patient is “not the plague, and bleeding in the lungs.” “We identify an event that directly caused the patient’s death,” explained the doctor.

“Kill not the gun, and the bullet — said ADR Daaboul. Kovid is a pistol. He often provokes aggravation. He does not leave evidence. But the statistics are the direct cause of death. This structure, adopted by the who.”

butchers also noticed that in this case, Russia follows China’s example, in contrast to Italy, where died of coronavirus is any of the deceased with the virus in the blood (therefore, the Italian statistics so dysfunctional). The doctor thinks the Chinese way is more correct in recognizing the “collateral” additional deaths due to the virus.

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