Dr. butcher told how to avoid a new outbreak COVID-19

the Only way to prevent a new outbreak of coronavirus is the preservation of social distance between people. So says the doctor, television host and head of the information center to monitor the situation with the infection Alexander Myasnikov, a post he published in his Telegram.

“the Main precaution — compliance with social distance” — he said and added that if all people take to the street again, it won’t end well. This will trigger a new outbreak of the disease and the extension of quarantine, has warned butchers.

“We must gradually return to a normal life and to learn to coexist with the new coronavirus, repeated waves, which is very likely,” said the doctor.

Recall from 1 June in Moscow will be allowed to walk in parks and squares. When walking you will need to wear a mask. Schedule of walks will be distributed to homes and available on a special map on the website of the municipality.

Earlier butchers had caused a wave of indignation in the Network, stating, “who should die will die anyway”. The Internet also resented the income of the doctor in the income statement for 2018 shows the amount of 14 million rubles, and also land, house, apartment, cars, ATVs, and the fact that his son is studying at the Sorbonne.

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