Dr. Myasnikov about the pandemic: COVID-19 sucked our blood and fell off

well-Known TV presenter, and head of the Moscow clinical hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov believes that the coronavirus is similar to blood-sucking insects that drank human blood.

In his opinion, COVID-19, spreading, “as it is filtered” through a human immune system and, as a result, “losing its power”. “The more people infected, the more likely the virus is losing strength, the ability to infect and kill,” wrote Dr. butcher, who is the head of the information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus, in his Telegram channel, according to Rambler.

the Physician also explained the necessity of quarantine measures: they need to “stretch process” of the spread of infection and to make “rise of the curve is flatter”. Dr. Myasnikov concluded that in Russia epidemic of coronavirus in a slump: “All exhausted. Ate a virus that sucked our blood and come off.”

Earlier, the broadcaster said that the panic over the pandemic wound, “who is going to die, he will die.”

According on 28 may, only Russia identified 370 thousand 680 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period recorded 3968 deaths, recovered 142 thousand 208 people.

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