Dr. Myasnikov justify killing people for insulting

well-Known TV presenter and head of the Moscow hospital Alexander Myasnikov added to the Bank of his scandalous remarks.

At this time, a provocative statement, the medic made on the show “Caution, Sobchak!” on the Youtube channel of the presenter. According to him, killing people for insulting perhaps as a form of defending the honor and dignity.

the Doctor cited the example of the story of his friend, convicted for the murder. Dr. Miasnikov explained that the friend was insulted, and he caught one of his attackers and killed. “He Khakas. Well he killed one, two not caught up. The court said, “Yes, I killed, and killed for those words,” — said Myasnikov, admitting that he understands the other.

however, he noticed that his friend killed a man, not for robbery, and “defended his honor and dignity.” Sobchak Myasnikov asked a clarifying question about whether, in his opinion, to kill people for insults. The medic replied in the affirmative.

Previously, the butchers, the chief of the information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus, said that the panic over the pandemic wound, “who is going to die, he will die.” Also the doctor has suggested that to contract the coronavirus in Russia had already about 7 million people.

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