Duty on Russian oil exports will significantly raise

the Duty on oil exports from Russia from July 1 will be increased by $29,5 to $37.8 per tonne from $8.3 per ton in force this month, follows from the materials of the Ministry of Finance.

Note that the June fee was increased slightly by $1.5 s may for $6.8 per ton.

starting next month, the duty on light oil products and oil will be raised to $11.3 from $2.4 per ton, on dark — to $37.8 from $8.3 per ton. While export customs duties on commercial gasoline will rise to $11.3 from $2.4 per ton.

Recall also that even in 2019 in Russia launched the final stage of the so-called tax maneuver in the oil industry. Will be gradually reduced (down to zero), the export duty on oil and increase tax on mineral extraction (met).

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