Ecologists have counted nearly 100 cases of pollution of rivers in Siberia because of the miners

experts from the world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia have counted no less than 94 cases of pollution of rivers in Siberia for the gold.

most of these cases in Tuva, Krasnoyarsk region, the Altai and the Kuzbass, reports “”. They are urged to establish public environmental monitoring stations of pollution of rivers.

Also reminded about the tragedy on the river Ceiba to Krasnoyarsk region in October 2019. Then, as a result of dam failure at a gold mine killed 15 people. Environmental damage is estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles.

“Now, the modern technology of remote sensing has allowed us to compile an overall picture of the environmental impact of alluvial gold mining… and it turned out that this picture is not so joyful,” added the Director of the Altai-Sayan WWF representative office Natalia Trofimova.

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