“The lack of Opera is genuine pain,” writes Degas for New Orleans. His father, a banker has taken him from childhood. Adult, it will go hard, especially in the mid-1860s until the late 1890s. Also, it is almost naturally that the Paris Opera moved to the Musée d’orsay the time of the exposure and the opportunity to celebrate its 350 years. In the nave, the orchestra under the direction of Philippe Jordan will perform music to dance, including excerpts from Romeo and Juliet of Prokofiev. A programme of opera in the cinema has been composed by Frédéric Mitterrand. The show invests places.

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The Opera by Degas, it is the one of the rue Le Peletier, building Eighteenth full of twists and turns. In 1875, the Palais Garnier, the replaces. Degas doesn’t like it. Too busy, too worldly, and the walls and ceilings, painters that he hates, in the pantheon of the official art of the second Empire. …

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