The public comes for Dany Boon. He is right. If there’s a comic genius, this is it. He could make people laugh by reading the phone book. It was a good laugh reading a novel with Harlequin. It has retained its valuable tip: never use a slice of ham as a “mark-your-page”. We laughed again.

” Reserve your tickets for Eight euros per hour at the Theatre Antoine on Ticketac

At the Theatre Antoine, he plays on stage with partners for the first time in ten years, and Le dîner de cons . Hard to do better than the play by Francis Veber, mechanical superimposed on the living so irresistible. We don’t say as much of the part of Sébastien Thiéry. Eight euros per hour starts yet rather well. The argument is clever and fun. James and Laurence (Valérie Bonneton), a couple of bohemians in paris, realize that everything that happens to Rosa, their maid, mexican, happens to them also.

When Rosa bleeding from the nose, Laurence is bleeding, similarly. When they decide on the turn, James is fired from his job also. They are eager to the resume. The generosity of the wealthy is really just selfishness in disguise. Unfortunately, instead of pulling this thread of social satire, Sébastien Thiéry gets lost in a plot scandalous. It is a slow process. You laugh a little, except with Dany Boon, white clown and the Auguste in a single body. A comic genius, I tell you. BOOK >

“Eight euros per hour” at the Théâtre Antoine 14, bd de Strasbourg (Xe).
With: Dany Boon and Valérie Bonneton. Hours: of the mar. at the sam. 21 h. Sam. and dim. 16 h. Up: 31 march.

The Large Scene #5 : Sébastien Thiéry, author of “Eight euros per hour” – to Look on Figaro Live