Claude Monet, Theodore Rousseau, Francis Picabia… They have been more than 500 to put their easels in the Hollow. Recently, Le Figaro offered you to discover an exhibition dedicated to this fireplace creative forgotten 1930s. There, the force of inspiration does not seem to have abated in a century.

The site of the regional daily newspaper The Mountain sheds light on this Sunday embroiderers local and their pharaonic project “Endless embroidery”: the creation of a tapestry in wool, recounting the local history and strongly inspired by the 70 metres of the Bayeux tapestry.

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The goal of the mural? Tell the story of Crozant, a small village in the Creuse region of less than 500 souls. And “learn the history of France through local history”, explained the embroiderers in France Blue a few months ago. Among the scenes depicted in the tapestry, which explores Crozant from prehistoric times until our days, the arrival of George Sand and Frédéric Chopin, those of the pilgrims of our days or the spinners in the Middle-Age.


To accomplish this gigantic canvas, the Creusoises were inspired by the tapestry on display in the Calvados narrating the conquest of England by William the Conqueror. In order that the wool may take centuries, they have even learned the technique of the Bayeux stitch, which is used in the Eleventh century to achieve this historical fresco. These ambitious embroiderers were even set as a goal to exceed the size of the “canvas of the Conquest”, by fifteen years, according to France Bleu.

This project of historical epic was launched three years ago. It is funded by the association “Friends of the medieval castle of Crozant” (to the tune of 300 euros) and of the “generous donors”, report our colleagues. On the occasion of the next medieval festival of Crozant, which will start on 9 August, the public will be able to admire the first fifteen meters of borderie.