“I must do what I think is fair in these difficult times of transition where the collective consciousness rises”. The british actress Emma Thompson has announced to withdraw from a current film production studios, Skydance, California, explaining not being able to work with John Lasseter, a former artistic director of Disney Animation and co-founder of Pixar studios accused of sexual harassment, a-t we learned Tuesday with his entourage. According to the website specializing in entertainment Variety , Emma Thompson had to play the voice of a character in the animated film Luck of Alessandro Carloni, and had already made recordings.

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The actress, a winner of two Oscars, however, eager to leave the project when the group california Skydance announced early January that it had hired John Lasseter as the director of the branch animation. Creator of Cars , or Toy Story , he had been forced to leave his job at Disney after sexist behaviour, such as “hugs not granted” to employees. A woman working at Pixar told the Hollywood Reporter that John Lasseter was known for 20 years to “catch, kiss, make comments on physical attributes”. The director of 62 years, had apologized and recognized as “having failed” to inspire a culture of “trust and respect” in its studios.

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“we must do away with the current system, which is indisputably patriarchal”

“If a man has spent decades to commit touching on women, why a woman would work for him?”

Emma Thompson

” It was not enough to Emma Thompson. In addition to withdrawing from the film, she wrote to the executive officer of Skydance, to protest against the decision to appoint the head of its animation studios, and transmitted this letter to the daily Los Angeles Times , which published it. “I find it very strange that you and your firm have thought to hire someone with the passive objectionable to Mr. Lasseter, given the current climate,” laments the actress, 59-year-old in his letter, the authenticity of which was confirmed to AFP by a spokeswoman.

“If a man has spent decades to commit touching on women, why a woman would work for him if the only reason that prevents her from touching it is that his contract stipulates that he should behave so “professional”?”, asked Emma Thompson. The situation of women “is not going to change overnight. Or even the next year. But I know that if people like me do not take a position, it is very unlikely that things are changing fast enough that the generation of my daughter is safe,” she says.

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Emma Thompson is known for his stance feminists. In 2018, in the midst of promoting the film My Lady , actress, Reasons and feelings stated Madame Figaro : “we must do away with the current system, which is indisputably patriarchal. I’m not separatist, but it is necessary to take the place to which we are entitled.” She was having herself been a victim of sexist behaviour during his career, especially when she was younger. “In my early days, I spent most of my time to help old men lustful of putting their tongue in my mouth. It was like that. With hindsight, I wonder the impact that this sort of behaviour commonplace may have had on my sisters and me. It was considered normal to be worried and we will not dissipate constantly our energy against these pigs instead of using it for our careers and our lives.”

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