Entrepreneurs and needy citizens will be able to get installments on debts

In the state Duma introduced a bill providing for a one-off installment to pay off debt on loans to entrepreneurs and people in need due to the coronavirus, the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

we are not Talking about all the entrepreneurs-debtors, but only those who were in the unified register of subjects of small and average business of the most affected industries. As for needy citizens, then they took the pensioners, invalids and families who lost their breadwinner and have no other sources of income. This pension in this case shall not exceed the amount in the amount of two minimum wages.

the Bill proposed debtor — legal person or the debtor — individual entrepreneur to provide installments for repayment, if the debt does not exceed 15 million rubles and for a period not exceeding 12 months and no later than August 1, 2021, if the government will not set another deadline.

with respect To the citizens debt threshold is proposed at the sum to 1 million rubles, and to pay the debt can be up to two years but not later than 1 June 2022.

If the law is adopted in respect of indebted citizens and individual entrepreneurs until October 1, 2020 will not apply the measures of forced collection of debts associated with arrest and seizure of property, except vehicles.

the Bill submitted to the Duma senior representatives of the “United Russia”.

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