on February 22, The director of A world without pity and creator of the French series The Office of captions will animate a citizens ‘ forum titled not without a certain ambition, “The power of ideas”. A meeting in the framework of the Great national debate intended by the president and Emmanuel Macron, after the crisis of the yellow Vests. “We must seize this opportunity so that we don’t speak in our place”, wrote the writer and filmmaker on his blog. And according to his wishes, the themes of “democracy and citizenship” and “government spending” will need to be discussed as a priority by the participants that he hoped many.

Convinced that the Great National Debate is a way to move forward and find consensus, Eric Rochant’s income also on the necessity of listening and the freedom to discuss. “Macron is a pause in the reforms. To listen to. It should be quiet now and listen, he says. The Great Debate used to it. Yes, there is a risk that it goes wrong. It is necessary to tell him. Do not expect that the Debate goes well. It gives us the tools, it is necessary to take. Talk about what one wants. We are not at school. The themes are not imposed, they are suggested”.

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Since the 9th of January, Éric Rochant publishes its policy reflections on the crisis of the “yellow Vests” on his journal digital. A kind of defense and illustration of the Great National Debate.

inspired by certainly to of Victor Hugo, “When the crowd betrayed the people,” he wrote in one of his posts, which should normally serve as a compass for future debaters: “Not a mob, one people.”

Finally, he delivers in the form of a question as the guiding principle of this new political commitment: “This is what this Great Debate? It is to talk to everyone. It is walnut the first claim, fair or not, relevant or not, in a collective intelligence possible. And if this is not possible, then oh well…”