do in the service of Abbot Sergius Romanov, who was called “the spiritual father of Natalia Polonskaya”, overthrew the mother superior of a female monastery in honor of the mother of God “sporitelnitsa bread” and called on the Cossacks to guard the monastery, reports “Says Moscow”. The ROC recognized that his behavior was contrary to Church rules.

As explained in radiostantsii “Moscow speaking” the Secretary of the Diocesan Council of the monastery, hegumen Veniamin Ratnikov, Romanov really was banned from Ministry after a series of controversial statements, and he had a conflict with the abbess Varvara Krygina. Then living in the monastery of Novels called the Cossacks, to ensure the safety of yourself and Krygina had to flee.

“He took the monastery, he lives there. Just maybe, afraid that his strength will be there to remove, so take security measures, some people are attracted to. They conflict with the prioress, it does not support it in its anti-clerical position, it occupies a position not destructive. And they are in this sense not agree, so she had to run away, so it was not bad,” explained Ratnikov.

He said that the Abbot, contrary to the prohibition of the Church hierarchy, entrusted the cross and may have already served. “The most extreme — excommunication — it’s not right. Little by little we understand his position. But Yes, the service of prohibition can threaten the deprivation of dignity, unfortunately,” explained Ratnikov.

the Secretary of the Council of the monastery suggested that Abbot Novels deliberately provokes the Church into violent conflict, and noticed that the ROC will try to avoid it, but do not rule out that we will have to contact the police if the law is broken.

“we’ll go to the police, if there is a violation of the law and the police find it necessary to settle the law. We are not able to use the police for the solution of Church matters, the police are not the pocket, of the Inquisition we have to cross campaign and the power of someone called to account. Because we all expect that a person who is a monk, some were understanding about humility, obedience, repentance. We are still waiting for his repentance. To capture something we had planned,” said Rinkov.

Recall that the Abbot Sergius of the Novels in their sermons called the epidemic of the coronavirus orchestrated and cursed those who during the pandemic closes the temples of the Russian Orthodox Church. After that he was banned in the Ministry. However, Serge did not repent, but rather in the appeal to the Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill said that the monastery will not leave and preach no longer. “You just have to go to the doctors and cut out my tongue!” said Abbot, adding that his and his fans will have “to drive with the police and Asgardia”.

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