Experts answered the question of whether the stop summer epidemic COVID-19

Warm summer weather may not stop the coronavirus, and even, on the contrary, increase the incidence, scientists say. They also found that low humidity increases the risk of infection including during the summer months.

Scientists in the US and Australia came to the conclusion that the heat slightly reduces the spread of the virus and reducing its humidity increases. According to the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, the virus spreads a little slower when the temperature is above 10 degrees. Above this level the temperature has little effect on the number of infections.

the most active In this the infection spreads when the temperature is below zero, so there is a risk of a new wave of the epidemic in autumn and winter.

However dry days do not promise improvement of the situation, warned scientists at the University of Sydney, reports the journal Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. The researchers explained that by reducing the humidity of the air becomes drier, and microdroplets after sneezing and coughing stay in the longer. According to calculations, the reduction in humidity by 1% provokes an increase in the incidence of 6%.

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