Experts Roskoshestvo called 10 potentially toxic products

“Harmless” vegetables and fruits contain a proportion of organic poisons that can enter the human body. This was reported on the website of Roskoshestvo.

In particular, greenish potatoes contain solanine, the use of which can cause acute poisoning, vomiting and hallucinations. So all the colored education on potato is to cut. Also contains solanine in the unripe green tomatoes.

Hydrocyanic acid is found in unripe fruits of black elderberry.

No less dangerous is old or overripe mushrooms because they may be decomposition products of proteins.

Experts do not recommend excessive consumption of radish and nutmeg. Radish contains a poisonous substance glycoside, and nutmeg is a psychoactive substance myristicin.

in addition, hazardous pits of cherries, apricots and apples. Pit cherries contain amygdalin. If you chew a bone, the body will be exposed to hydrogen cyanide — cyanide.

“If you swallow a few seeds, nothing will happen. The body is able to cope with a certain amount of cyanide, but in large quantities it can be dangerous,” said K. b. Sciences Russian state agrarian University-MTAA named after K. A. Timiryazev, head of the analytical center “JSC of SHANECO group” Artem gadfly.

the apricot kernels also contain amygdalin, and in the seeds of apples — hydrocyanic acid. But the seeds of apples with compromised integrity additionally inject a small amount of cyanide, which is considered highly toxic. Another familiar product — beans, especially red, contains phytohemagglutinin. It is a substance that increases the permeability of cell membranes, they can penetrate the harmful substances and poisons. The PHA tends to collapse under the action of high temperatures, so the beans need to be processed until fully cooked.

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