Nestled in a small street of the fifth arrondissement of Paris, the ateliers Moret, specialized in the printing of etchings in intaglio, receive a customer not like the others. The author of the Bibendum heavenly , Nicolas de Crécy has released its pencils to discover the techniques of engraving, in the framework of the exhibition, Footprints graphics , proposed to the Pulp Festival, which will be held from 5 to 7 April at the Ferme du Buisson.

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Accompanied by the artist’s printer Matthew Perramant, the author has contrived to transpose his surreal universe and baroque art in this art is laborious and delicate. For the one who wields the art of drawing with speed, he had to learn the patience to do a craft that requires a multitude of steps that are delicate. Drawing with a dry point on a copper plate coated with varnish, a reverse image when printing requires a particular acuity on the proportions. Dip it in an acid bath while measuring the time required for the task also requires expertise. A ceremony to explore on paper a print which does not matches not necessarily the expectations of the artist.

“When I draw live, I always have a very clear idea of what I’m doing, while engraving requires different steps. I am usually disappointed by the end result. This is not serious in itself, because it is a pleasure to grind the plate,” explains the designer.

In the workshop is littered with a myriad of tools and machines, Nicolas has not shunned his pleasure. Experience a new way of doing gives him joy to try all the possible composition or a contrast. “It is a work completely free, unlike the COMIC where the drawing is subservient to the storytelling,” says he.

new Ways

The profit he can derive from this technique to achieve his / her albums or pictures is real: “It is always good to vary your vocabulary chart. After experimenting with stone lithography, I have new ideas for watercolor on paper.”

The April 5 to 7, the Pulp Festival greeting with the exhibition Footprints graphics this new generation of artists of comics who are not afraid to borrow new ways. It will also celebrate the work undertaken by the editions of MEL Publisher that produces editions of prints by contemporary artists, and in a logic of decompartmentalization of the arts, home for the first time to bring together writers from the comic. One more to boil the cauldron creative that today represents the ninth item

Pulp Festival, from 5 to 7 April, at the Ferme du Buisson, Allée de la Ferme, 77186 Noisiel, france. Open exhibitions up to 28 April.