The rate of release of the manga is one of the most frantic in the literary world. The production’s gargantuan japanese publishers, and the series in extension, supported by a faithful readership and growing all the more reason for publishing houses in france, continue to drink the shelves of our bookstores. Selection of the new series, which stand out from the crowd in this start of the literary 2019.

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● Valkyrie Apocalypse

The first fight opposes Thor the norse god in Lü Bu, the general of the Han dynasty, made popular by its fictionalized version in the History of The Three Kingdoms of Luo Guanzhong. Shumatsu no Walkure ©2017 by AJICHIKA AND SHINYA UMEMURA AND TAKUMI FUKUI/DK All Rights Reserved. editions Ki-oon

The gods, weary of the human race to vote for its eradication, pure and simple. It was without counting on Bonehilda, the head of the Valkyrie, which then invokes the Ragnarok: a series of duels between 13 champions divine and 13, the apostles are human. Humanity is counting on the victory of seven of its representatives to avoid annihilation…

If this autumn is rich, the title may be the most talked is one. Despite a pitch simplistic – a tournament of fighters – this manga manages to be innovative and incredibly addictive. Graphically closer to the comics in hong kong as manga and traditional, the stroke is the perfect companion to the epic scale of these fights on crack. Only downside: the list of 13 representatives of humanity, a bit incongruous. Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, Simo Häyhä, a Finnish sniper, engineer Nikolas Tesla… As many names which will not speak necessarily to the general public.

Valkyrie Apocalypse, editions Ki-oon, 7,90€.

● Full Drum


Hino, a high school student, has only one idea in mind: to find a girlfriend. He thinks he can improve his popularity by joining a sports club. No one, however, seems to suit him or her and then that yet another club suggested to him to go elsewhere, he meets Ayako, the manager of the rugby club. It is love at first sight.

The publisher Pika launches a new collection of manga dedicated to the sport. Full Drum is in agreement with the current events and the rugby world cup in Japan. This series in 5 parts follows the archetype of the young, at loose ends who discovers a sport, attracted by the beautiful manager. The reader is introduced to the rules of rugby. Between sweat and tears, the fragrance of the youth of japanese scents the pages of this manga of the nicest.

Full Drum, editions Pika, 7,50€.

● The Curse of Loki

Delcourt Tonkam

Aisya, in addition to an undeniable talent for painting, has power: his blood can give life to the paintings. This orphan is going to be exploited until death to make picture, sold by a noble corrupted. However, like the genii of tales and ancestral, a desire can quickly become a nightmare…

Before you make the soul, Aisya gives life to Loki, her imaginary friend, and the charge to find and destroy all of his paintings to be cursed. A quest that will highlight the face of the darkest of humanity…

The curse of Loki, éditions Delcourt-Tonkam, 7,99€.

● The printing of the witches

Mika in his printing company specializing in the creation of books of spells and magic scrolls. ©MOCHINCHI 2018 ©YASUHIRO MIYAMA 2018 Sun Manga

The editor Sun launches a series of fantasy comedy. Title maiden, The printing of the witches is a manga light that contains the codes of the world of fanzines and printing transposed into a world of fantasy in the traditional way. Mika, a young human-driven manga, is a beautiful day in a world populated by magicians, adventurers, but also dragons, golems and even a lord of demons.

Foreign to this world, she is going to use his knowledge of the modern world to develop a service for printing books of spells and scrolls of magic. By doing this, it is going to acquire an encyclopedic knowledge of the spells of this world, and who knows, maybe find one that will allow him to return to Earth…

The printing of the witches, editions Sun, 7,99€.

● When Takagi me teases

Nobi Nobi

On entering the college, Nishikata goal is to finally get to beat Takagi. This last is played to him at every challenge. Worse, it always happens to the tease to make you blush.

This manga vignettes of the daily life of two college students is a real breath of fresh air. The emotions and reactions exacerbated Nishikata are irresistible and one can understand why Takagi likes to tease.

When Takagi me Takine, éditions Nobi Nobi, 7,20€.

Nishikata is chore of cleaning the classroom. Obviously, Takagi has provided the surprise, but having caught sight of his shoes, Nishikata is wary of this mischievous classmate. KARAKAI JOZU NO TAKAGI-SAN ©2014 Soichiro YAMAMOTO / SHOGAKUKAN

● Heroines game


When the Battle Royale meeting Grimm fairy tales . This could be the pitch of this manga crazy where the heroines of fairy tales collide in a battle to the death allowing only one survivor. Alice, Snow White, Little red riding hood remind readers that there is a darkness in all the fairy tales.

Thriller dark, Heroines game is a manga short – 3 volumes -, which reverses the roles and turns innocent girls into deadly without an ounce of remorse…

Heroines Game, editions Kana, 7,45€.

Natsuko no Sake

Natsuko tasting sake in the blind in front of his grand-father. Natsuko no sake © 2016 Akira OZE. All rights reserved. First published in Japan in 2016 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo.

When her brother, heir to the family brewery, falls ill, Natsuko is forced to return to his family to the countryside to take up the torch. Before falling ill, his brother had the crazy project to resurrect a type of rice, “dragon wonderful”. Because it requires the greatest care, and that it bears no chemical fertilizer, this rice has been abandoned by the farmers, attracted by the yield. However, legend has it that it allows you to brew a sake perfume unbeatable… Natsuko will she be able to fulfill the dream of his brother?

ode to the craft, this manga highlights the excesses of the consumer society and the agri-food industry, which sanitizes the tastes in the favor of the profit. The reader will learn a lot about the process of sake making.

Natsuko no Sake, editions Vega, 11€.

● Shinobi Gataki


In a world similar to feudal Japan, ninjas of Onaga intoxicated by their powers to realize a coup d’état and massacre the samurai clan’s political and development agenda before you get to grips with the conquest of the country. In their haste, they have left for dead Toranosuke, the third son of the clan’s political and development agenda. This year, after having acquired a strange power is on a mission to eradicate all ninjas and avenge his family…

Nikiichi Tobita revisits a line dry and nervous in the medieval Japan and staged a bloody battle in which the heir of a clan of samurai punishes the ninjas abusive. There is a small air of Ken the survivor and Mad Max in Shinobi Gataki . For a well-informed public.

Shinobi Gataki, éditions Kurokawa, 7,65€.

● Demon Slayer

After the adaptation in the cartoon broadcast on the streaming platform Wakanim -editions, Panini returned to zero the edition of Demon Slayer . Formerly called night rider, this manga offers a dive in the japanese folklore. Kamado Tanjiro is the eldest son of a family-montane, who helps his mother by selling charcoal. One day, his entire family, except her sister, Nezuko, is killed by a demon. But this last one is contaminated by the blood of the demon. Tanjiro and Nezuko are embarking on a journey of initiation in search of both a cure and a vengeance.

Demon Slayer, éditions Panini, 9,50€.

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● ● ● ● In the abyss of time

The Great Race of Yith, perfectly illustrated by Gou Tanabe. © Gou Tanabe, 2018, 2019 / KADOKAWA CORPORATION

Gou Tanabe continues his adaptation of the works of Lovecraft in manga. His trait of an incredible richness of life, this time to the new Into the abyss of time . A work where HP Lovecraft explores topics that are important to them such as time travel, possession, memory, organic and, of course, the entities lucid non-human… Gou Tanabe demonstrates once again a master hand the stories of the father of Cthulhu.

In the abyss of time, editions Ki-oon, 17€.

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● The time found

Kotoko and Ippei travel around the city and experience the same shift in this society where everything goes faster and faster… © Fujiigumi, Cocoro Hirai / Ki-oon

The aging of the japanese population is a reality and is in no way a taboo. The mangaka, always at the cutting edge of changes in society have taken of the subject. Ippei, a pensioner and widower, is found again as a teenager when he meets Kotoko, she also retired and a widow…

full colour, this beautiful manga is very close to the comic strip. The themes of boredom, the loneliness of the survivor and the guilt to rebuild his life are addressed with tenderness and sincerity.

The times found, editions Ki-oon, 15€.

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