Alain Chabat and Gérard Darmon know-they still dance Carioca ? Before the opening of the 72nd edition of the Cannes film Festival on may 14, the question remains open. The choreography of worship of the non-less cult comedy City of Fear was, in effect, interpreted, 25 years ago, on the large stage of the palais des Festivals, in the Auditorium Light. The film itself is a celebration of the Festival, a good part of his plot down on the Croisette. To celebrate the quarter century of the film of The Void, a petition has been launched by the site SensCritique an idea of the Twitter account Trainee Posters for the two actors to reproduce their famous dance this year.

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of 37,000 signatures later, the direction of the Festival seems to be in favour of this initiative. The Cannes Festival has even published on 12 march a tweet enigmatic, intimating only of the “Patience…” Statement, which was accompanied by a gif of Carioca , directly out of the film.

The idea ran up to the ears of Alain Chabat. In an interview with Télé Loisirs , the actor and director stated, “Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of the Cannes film Festival, Pierre Lescure, president, have told us that they wanted to celebrate the 25 years of City of Fear at the Cannes film Festival”, even before the launch of the petition. “The messages (very funny or touching) of all those fans of The City we have many touchdowns, Null, Gérard Darmon and me,” he continued .

“You can fool a thousand times a person…”

A first certainty, City of Fear will be presented in the restored version as part of Cannes Classics. Several members of the cast will be present, including “surely” Les Nuls Alain Chabat, Chantal Lauby and Dominique Farrugia, Gérard Darmon. “There redanser Carioca , there is only a step that one will maybe not be overcome. Or a very drunk…” jokes Chabat.

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Asked by SensCritique on a potential return of this pas de deux, Pierre Lescure expressed scepticism. “Chabat is so much a perfectionist that I’m not sure of 37,000 signatories can convince him to redo a dance engraved in our minds at all,” said the president of the Festival. Before explaining: “Chabat is so creative that it will find the means, at a given moment of the festival, and not necessarily where you expect it to, to celebrate City of Fear and Carioca “.

Chantal Lauby, Dominique Farrugia, and Alain Chabat in The City of Fear. STUDIO CANAL

Pierre Lescure speaks knowingly, has led Canal+ at the time where Alain Chabat and his cronies dynamitaient the humour of the French on the encrypted string. Their mere presence at Cannes would be a small event. Unless… The fans of City of Fear know, you can fool a thousand times a person, but you can’t…. If you can cheat once a… No, you can’t fool a time-thousand people, but you can fool a thousand times a person… No…