In 2014, Clément Froissart left the capital to settle in the Barrens. It was there that he set up his own studio, where accumulate the instruments that he collects from his tender years. Former Conservatory, specializing in the flute, it does not stand up to the guitars abrasive american bands of the 1990s, before exploring the sounds of Bowie, Kraftwerk and Eno. It is with the groupe Concorde and it is noted as early as 2010, two years before the album Summer House. It is in his lair as he prepared his first solo project, launched at the end of 2017 with a first single.

Clément Froissart – “Poplar” (Live) – Watch on Figaro Live

His first EP, released on the 8th of march last, suggests the resources of this young man. “I consolidates all the snippets of songs accumulated on my dictaphone, I keep what there is of better. I record everything in a single day, the batteries in the bass, passing by the guitars, the synths and the vocals, without really worrying about where it leads me”, he explains.

Clément Froissart – “Love Armour” (Live) – Watch on Figaro Live