Singer and self-taught musician born at Poitiers, Djoudi went on to record eleven new songs in Britain in the studio with Ash Workman (Metronomy, Christine and The Queens, Baxter Dury), with the complicity of Amaury Ranger (Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains). Stylistically, this aesthete pursues his quest for a song electronic of beautiful invoice, fed of references on anglo-saxon.

“I take my business very seriously. According to me, a song is like a painting: every detail counts. The music, the lyrics, the breaths and the placement of instruments is equally important.” His beautiful voice, androgynous is in the service of a writing that is refined to the deeply personal. He does us the honour of a first passage in front of our cameras with her songs flowing.

Trianon 80, bd de Rochechouart (Xviii).
Tel.: 01 44 92 78 00.
Date: on 20 nov. at 19: 30.
Seating: 28 and 33 €.