She was only 25 years old and is already a part of the revelations of the moment. Actress, she was featured in the movie Robin Campillo 120 Beats per minute in the past year. Dancer hip-hop, circus training, she wrote songs in which the scansion in the line of the rap, but the texts of which are in the best register of the French song. His voice is sharp, his catchy lyrics as a call to live and to escape from our entanglements.

If it has not yet released it, it already has a directory solid. His songs sound like injunctions sweet escape. She sings about love at a time when genre boundaries are fluid. Sexuality also. She talks of her desires and invites everyone to let themselves be eaten by them. Last December, the Transmusicales of Rennes, Aloïse Sauvage gave a establishment also settled that spontaneous which imposed definitively as one of the figures to follow this year.