Released last march, 1958 , the fourth album of the singer from cameroon, takes its source in the novel that he published in 2016 ( The Moabi Cinema, Gallimard). Largely autobiographical, the 11 songs on the disc deal with the existential questions of importance in terms of african identity and of personal construction. The artist renders homage to the heroes of the independence of cameroon, in particular, Ruben Um Nyobe, the first political leader to have claimed the independence of his country, executed by the French military on September 13, 1958.

The unique voice of Blick Bassy flourishes in texts in the language bassa, in a showcase of music mainly acoustic, barely finished with a touch of electro. We hear echoes of Marvin Gaye or Skip James in this artist as committed as delicate, and sign a disk major a beautiful modernity.

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