The lover of melodies is not at the party to listen to the vast majority of the music production today. Most drives prefer to achieve, the sound and, above all, rhythmic. Which is sometimes outright successes, but far too few of the songs it is possible to sing in all circumstances. The good news is that the Innocent are there to provide a nice brewed with their new album, 6 œ (RCA/Sony Music). A title to the Fellini for a group that has learned better than anyone the layout of the songs-run pop. Neither rock nor varieties, the Innocent are always shown in this clear line that has had too few followers in France. These Parisians have arisen there are more than thirty years, with the Jodie , a first tube irresistible. They were composed of success that continue to make the happiness of the FM. The Other Finistère , An extraordinary man , A perfect world , Colour and others have become standards.

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After an eclipse of fifteen long years, the two men, Jipé Nataf and Jean-Chri Urban were found on a very beautiful Tangerine in 2015. A drive to the tone, folk quite intimate, which was the home of titles as fine as Harry Nilsson , in honour of a sacred monster of music. 6 œ us back to the group in the colors more vibrant. The album is crossed by an energy inspiring and a great freshness. In keeping with the simplicity, both in the lyrics and the structures of the securities, the Innocent, sign a partition major. And, already, some of the best songs of their career, such as the beautiful Cascades or Slow # 1 . Like the Beatles, the Innocent are two geniuses of composition and writing. With, in the role of John Lennon, Jipé Nataf, and, in that of Paul McCartney, Jean-Christophe Urbain. Both complement each other perfectly, overlapping their voices or singing in turns according to the needs of the pieces.

Antidote to the gloom

Very removed, solar and joyful, 6 œ is a powerful antidote to the gloom and a beautiful injunction to step aside, to let go to bliss. Not a time out or a song low in this deployment melodic. For three decades, both in their fifties weave the perfect soundtrack of our lives, placing tubes as beacons in our lives. The realization, flawless, highlighting the guitars, keyboards, batteries, and, of course, the voices of two craftsmen too modest to reinvent the wheel, but too careful to not to refine their art long months.

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We cannot blame the Innocent of us to knock out. 6 œ is an album short and stocky, which makes it all the more impactful. If the two men had gone to defend the songs of Tangerine to two, they decided to reconnect with the energy of a group to transcribe faithfully the arrangements cared for and the subtleties harmonics of their new titles.