Fitness trainer: Ban outdoor sessions and closing parks is a crime against people's health

to Ban the sport in the fresh air and close the parks it was impossible, in spite of the epidemiological situation. About it the correspondent “of Rosbalt” said Catherine, St. Petersburg fitness trainer with an experience of 18 years.

“the Prohibition of training on the street, close parks and grounds — a crime against people’s health. Not the fact that we were saved by coronavirus, it is known, will not go away. But the fact that the heavily ruined his health is true. We, the coaches, for many years engaged in directly by the people’s health. And each of us would say that the main problem is a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sun and fresh air,” — said a fitness instructor.

According to Catherine, in Russia frightening statistics on cardiovascular disease in 60 years people are dying from heart disease.

“a Lot of problems in modern humans and with the spine and joints. Early hernia of the spine was considered a senile disease. With her now people come in 20 years. Many dystonia”, the coach said.

Earlier, experts told, why not exercise in the medical mask and the dangerous than the lack of daily walks.

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