Daughter of the singer Marka and comedian Laurence Bibot, sister of the rapper in vogue Romeo Elvis, Angela has succeeded, as his family, to find his place in the world of the show. This is his song Murphy’s Law , which is revealed in 2017 to the general public and the singles that follow propel on the front of the stage. Two months after its release, his debut album Brol is platinum. On march 12 and 13, the pop singer will perform at sold-out before the public the Olympia. Here are five things to (re)discover on this new nugget of the scene, francophone pop.

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● A singer committed to the equality of the sexes

In a column published march 7, by The World and signed by several personalities, the alert is launched against “illiteracy” harassment in the education of the youth. The collective also denounces the poor representation of the clitoris in the majority of textbooks. “It is an issue of equality! Woman’s sex is neither taboo nor shameful!”, one can read in the text signed especially by Angela.

In Brol , Angela denounces the harassment of street, the sexist remarks and prejudice against women in its title feminist Balance your what . On 8 march 2018, it celebrated the International Day of the rights of women by posting a photo of her, wearing a t-shirt with the inscription evocative: “The women need more sleep than men since the struggle against patriarchy is exhausting”.

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One day there will be more need for the 8 march to claim our rights, blood to talk about our rules and t-shirts to get the message across, but that day has not arrived yet.. so Happy Women’s day

A publication that is shared by Angela (@angele_vl) March 8, 2018 at 1 :28 PST

● She has boycotted the rap (his brother)

At the microphone of the belgian radio Pure in November 2017, Angela admitted to being a “fluff” news rap, despite the success of his brother, Romeo Elvis. The reason for this? “When Romeo started, it was a little bit of time where two teenagers, brother and sister, talking more, and by boycott, I was even less aware.” This is after they went to one of his concerts that things have changed. “We love each other very much now, there has grown up a bit”, she says. At the time, she was the first parts of concerts of Damso, a way for the singer to be “in the rap game” without being either.

● A successful blurring

Invited on the plateau of Clicks a year later, She confessed to find the “buzz” around it very “impressive” and pointed out that many artists appear and disappear with the Internet. “It is not always the total relaxation in my brain”, she explains, often torn between the anxiety that told him to “stop everything” and the excitement that responds to him “she can’t”. It is inspired by this sense of illegitimacy in the industry who was inspired to compose his song Blur .

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● Proud fan of Beyoncé

Among his many inspirations (Ella Fitzgerald, Helene Segara…), Angèle remains above all an unconditional fan of Beyoncé. A month before the release of Brol , she had made a tribute with a lot of humour to the american star, “only the living being can be both in the past and in the future”, on his account instagram. “When [Beyoncé] was small, she listened to Brol and told me that she really liked… She would have been inspired and would have then decided to become, in turn, a singer,” laughs she.

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Beyonce, the only living being to be able to be both in the past and in the future. When she was little, she listened to Brol and she told me that she has pco liked it.. She would have been inspired and would then decide to become, in turn, singer. @beyonce Brol, my first album. October 5,

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● A need for recognition

Angela assumes it frankly: it was launched in the music by a need for recognition. “If it works, it is not very good because you’re going to take the big head and it wouldn’t be egocentric,” confided she to Release in September. “But if it doesn’t work, the ego takes a blow.” The pop artist wants to be loved by “everyone” and do so unanimously. Playing in front of two Olympia-filled block and the displays of many festivals, Angela already seems well part.