Three years after dismissing the pyramid of the Louvre, the French artist JR is back in the paris museum to unveil “the Secret of the Great Pyramid”, in a collage giant on the Napoleon court, in which 400 of its fans will participate, announced the museum.

The facility, on the occasion of the thirty years of the pyramid, celebrated on the 29th of march, begins Tuesday and will rise in power until Friday. All of the Napoleon court will be covered, including the basins and the three pyramidions that surround the great pyramid. The suspense has been maintained. We only know that JR wants to pop up the pyramid to the ground in a spectacular way, like in the middle of a chasm.

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400 volunteer participants will take turns during 4 days, in groups of 50, to install the strips that form this giant picture of a gigantic patchwork. The installation, which will be completed Friday, will be visible until Sunday. Since mid-march, this expert and world-renowned photographic collages brought together his supporters, via a dedicated platform, to participate in this gigantic trompe-l’oeil. He immediately encountered a very great success.

A point of anamorphosis, with a camera, is installed on the roof of the Louvre, which is inaccessible to visitors. Two screens must be installed on the court for passers-by to follow the evolution of the collage live. The event can be followed on the social networks. “After dismissing the monument in 2016, JR offers to get them out of earth and to reveal the secret” in “what is its greatest collage,” explained the Louvre.

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In 2016, JR. had created on the surface of the pyramid, a reproduction in trompe-l’oeil of the facade of the Louvre, hiding the pyramid as if it no longer existed. In 2019 as in the past, JR has been working his graphic designers on an engraving of the former, which would inspire the installation without copying it.

Thirty events are planned until February 2020 for the thirty years of the work of glass Ieoh Ming Pei, opened in the cour Napoleon in 1989, after years of controversy, but today acclaimed as a success.

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