Forecasters promised bad weather in the early summer nearly the whole of Russia

In early June, the weather in almost all regions of the country will deteriorate. According to the updated forecasts, as the “Expert” in many regions will be cloudy and rainy, sometimes thunder storms, will be fought gusty winds.

In this heat, which recently promised by weather forecasters in the beginning of the summer season, is not expected.

So, will be cloudy in the capital region and throughout the Central Federal district, where climate change is shaping active atmospheric vortex. In Yaroslavl, Tula and Kaluga, the beginning of a new week will be marked by showers and strong winds with gusts up to 18-20 meters per second and the temperature will not rise above plus of 14-16 degrees Celsius.

In the Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod in the sky closes tight Cumulus clouds, rain, and air, at least until Friday, June 5, is warmed only to + 16-18, possible thunderstorms.

will become Warmer only to the next output.

Also changed the forecasts in the Crimea, where he promised a warm early June. Now it is projected that summer on the Peninsula will begin with the rains, relatively low for this region of temperature background.

In Moscow on June 1, the North wind will add coolness and rain clouds, the air warms only to 12-13 a day and 6-8 at night. In addition, the expected rains and thunderstorms.

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