“My career continues, I will fuck up”, sang Francky Vincent in the Right of reply . If he was facing difficulties to be signed by labels in the last year, the artist from the antilles seems to turn now to the political sphere. After The new yorker , it would be on the list without a label of his friend Frédéric Wurtz, who launches out to the conquest of the municipality of Moissy-Cramayel, in Seine-et-Marne, in the elections of 2020.

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“I am launched to support and encourage my friend,” said Francky Vincent. “It’s full of humour, and me also: we’re on the same wavelength.” In 33rd place on the list called Moissy otherwise, the singer maintains a professional relationship, more friendly, with Frédéric Wurtz. It is in the studio of the latter, also a musician, Francky Vincent has recorded his duet You are boring with Eve Angeli.

If this list was made up of “personalities of all edges, aged from 19 to 73 years,” came to prevail over that of the mayor socialist current, Line Magne, who will come again, the interpreter of Vas-y Francky should not assume high office. “It’s not often enough now to qualify for an assistant position. It must be serious,” agreed Frédéric Wurtz. Besides Francky Vincent lives in the commune for three months. With several art projects to Moissy-Cramayel, in its programme, the head of the list considers that “the advice of Francky in the field will be invaluable to us”.

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For its part, Line Magne seems to enjoy the situation. “Everyone is free to put who he wants on his list,” she admits. What is certain is that it will bring spice to the campaign.”