Saturday, the “yellow vests” began their thirteenth day of mobilisation in France. A gathering once again under tension, that has not failed to pay François berléand with his on RTL in the morning. Guest on the tv show We redid the tv , the actor lashed out at the citizens ‘ movement which agitated france since November in a speech guaranteed to be free of language of wood.

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“This is great no matter what, we do listen,” he said about the claims of the yellow vests. “The government gives € 10 billion, which is not nothing. And this is not enough. It made the states-general in France – this is the first time that it happens since 1789 – in which we give the word to all the world, and it is said “it’s not going to work”. Least expect it”, said the actor in reference to the Great national debate proposed by Emmanuel Macron since mid-January in response to the movement.

“All the world is a coward,”

“Me since the beginning, they make me piss off the yellow vests”

François berléand with his on RTL

“You realize that you are one of the rare personalities to dare to take this kind of speech at the microphone, in front of a camera?”, the questions the journalist Eric Dussart. The response berléand with his fuse: “All the world is a coward. We see that there are 90% of French who support the yellow vests, and then two weeks after there are more than 80, then 70… Me since the beginning, they make me piss off the yellow vests”, stated he.

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“When you say it, you are aware that there is more person who dare to stand this kind of talk publicly in the media? In the media, you do not fear the consequences of that?” the questions the journalist of RTL. “I have nothing to fuck, replied to him tartly comedian. There are people who think like me also. And it is a pity that nobody says, because I think that it is a large majority of people who do have perhaps not the word to say stop to the yellow vests. (…) It is my freedom. I’m like that, and then I’ll always be like that,” he concludes.