Learn about free Google training. In 2012 Google launched its platform of free online courses called Google Pros. 4 years later Google launched Digital Active a program to learn digital with Google.

Discover the programs:

Not easy to navigate with Google training. Indeed, since 2012 the web giant has launched its platform of free online courses called Google Pros. A few years later, Google returns with Digital Active by expanding the target of its programs. A real for the future community manager who wants to learn and builds competence on digital marketing and the Google universe. Training for the community manager and social networking courses do not include the vast majority of modules you will meet on courses offered by Google.

A quick tour of Google’s free courses:

Free Google Training for Pros. The purpose of Google training is to help businesses (VSE / SME) including online, forex trading or forex apps businesses better prepare for the advent of digital. Digital Syntec has estimated the need for digital profiles at 39,000 and the digital sector is recruiting 4 times faster than the economy. While the original Google Pros program was aimed at businesses, it took Google for four years to expand its reach to all participants who wanted to learn the world of digital marketing or web marketing. Digital Active: Free Google Training for All. Four years later, Google launches the Digital Active platform with many similarities with Google Pros; a program that is structured like the first one around 20 digital themes. Nevertheless, the Google Digital Active training is aimed this time at everyone, even beginners on the internet, students or anyone interested in the web can learn digital through this platform. The key, a certificate recognized by IAB Europe and digital skills to promote in the professional world!

Here for you, some Google training specific to web-marketing:

The Google Digital Active Training Program. From e-mailing to audience analysis, to display advertising to the opportunities offered by mobile phones. The Google Digital Active Training Program includes a set of themes spread over several courses for each of them. This is a good opportunity to learn or review all the digital levers online through Google. The duration of the Google Digital Active Training Program is about 3 weeks for training followed diligently, which is every day in a row. Not necessarily possible for all learners on such a program. Therefore it is better to follow the courses of Digital Active at its own pace as they are divided and organized thematic. The Google Digital Active Training Program consists of 23 courses developed with a total of 89 videos of approximately 5 minutes each. In other words, Google courses, even if they are free, are not lightly discussed because they are complete and relevant. Google has really thought about the program in a qualitative way by cutting it out and extending it to all facets of web-marketing.

3 steps to developing your skills

With Google training, develop your skills smoothly at your own pace and value them with certification.

1. Choose your course

Professional or student, the courses are open to everyone. Make the choice of courses adapted to your profile and according to your needs to build skills.

2. Learn the lesson at your own pace

Learn your training program at your own pace and follow it from your computer, smart-phone or tablet.

3. Get a certification at the end of the program

With the monitoring of your projects, know where you are and receive a certification to enhance your skills. This is a good way to update your LinkedIn profile and resume.

All Google Digital Active Training

26 small Google courses are included in the Digital Active program. Follow the ones that suit you and your pace. Get digital skills and position yourself effectively with your new skills.

1. Internet and its opportunities (2 courses)

This is no longer a surprise: we live in a resolutely digital world, where almost half of the population is now connected to the Internet. However, all the websites including 24forex or websites you see on the internet are being hosted somewhere by web hosting providers.  With so many people online, companies have every interest in keeping pace with digital. You will discover here the opportunities available to you, and how a website, videos or social networks could help you achieve your goals.

2. The first steps to succeed on the Internet (4 courses)

There are many opportunities to promote an online business. Before you start, however, you must familiarize yourself with the operation of these digital channels and identify the options best suited to your situation. In addition, you need to know how to develop a specific strategy or plan to achieve your goals and evaluate your results.

3. Develop an online presence (6 courses)

From websites to local listings, from mobile apps to social networks, the solutions available to you to ensure your visibility online are numerous. If websites are the best way to achieve your goals, you need basic knowledge about how they work. Most importantly, we recommend that you know best practices in design and usability. You will be able to create a site that matches your image, and allows your customers to find the products or services they need.

4. Communication by e-mail (4 courses)

E-mail marketing is particularly effective for getting in and keeping in touch with customers. This section describes the basics of an effective email marketing campaign, from developing a contact list to designing emails that really stand out from the others.