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All of the Deputy chief editor of the newspaper “Vedomosti” filed a statement of resignation after the Board of Directors of the publication (“Business news media”, BNM) has approved Andrew Shmarova the main editor.

the report “Vedomosti” said that quitting Dmitry Simakov, Boris Safronov, Philip Sterkin, Kirill Kharatyan and Alexander Gubsky. Last worked in the newspaper since its creation, and all the rest — about 15 years. Also dismissed acting chief editor of the site Alexander Canova.

the Correspondent of “Vedomosti” Xenia Balicka posted a message in which stresses: three months of work in the status of acting editor-in-chief of loving you “managed to repeatedly violate the established in the “Gazette” editorial standards and rules.” The collective of the edition have said many times that he doesn’t want to work with him.

on 11 June, the editorial Board was nominated for the position of editor-in-chief of the project “statements&” Anfisa Voronin. But the Board of Directors of BNM, by a majority of votes was appointed editor-in-chief Shmarova. Voronin voted for two of the six members of the Council for Shmarova — three. The new owner and the head of the Board Ivan Eremin has used the right to vote. Then the Deputy editor-in-chief said: they believe that they have no opportunity to stay at the office.

earlier, the BNM shares owned “Arkan investment” Demyan Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Voronov and Martin Pompadour. In March they announced that the previously agreed sale of assets to the publisher of the newspaper “Version” Konstantin Zatkova and managing Director of Arbat Capital Alexey Golubovich.

After that, Ilya Bulavinov prematurely resigned from the post of chief editor of “Vedomosti”, the acting chief editor is Andrey Shmarov, the founder of the publishing house “Expert”. Then journalists began to complain that he without the consent of the rules publication about Rosneft, forbade the publication of opinion polls “Levada-center” and criticism of the amendments to the Constitution of the “zeroing” of presidential terms of Vladimir Putin. Golubovich came out of the transaction.

on may 29, it was announced that the deal closed and that partner Zyatkov became the founder of the “FederalPress” Ivan Eremin. Later in the day was that the transaction went and Zyatkov and Eremin became the sole owner of BNM.

Shmarov left acting editor-in-chief, to approve a new chief editor had a new Board of Directors of BNM. The old Board was disbanded in February, a new composition approved in June.

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