Funding city housing programs in St. Petersburg to restore will not

Budget and Finance Committee of St. Petersburg has rejected all the amendments submitted by deputies of the legislative Assembly to adjust the budget 2020 in connection with the pandemic. Among them were the proposals for the renewal of housing and urban programs for the resettlement of communal apartments, and the overhaul of the program “Youth — affordable housing”. The adjustment of the budget of St. Petersburg in the second reading discussed in the Mariinsky Palace on June 3.

So, from fractions of the Communist party, “Fair Russia” Mikhail Amosov, Boris Vishnevsky, Oksana Dmitrieva and other deputies had filed a number of amendments relating to housing programs.

“we Need to increase funding for the resettlement of communal apartments 1 billion, as adjusted of the Governor it was removed from 2.1 billion rubles, — said Olga Godunova. — If you leave at least 1.9 billion, a problem that is not solve for decades, budge. Missing funds can be removed from the targeted investment program and the costs for connection to the VSD”.

“the City on 95% reduces funding for major repairs, but does not reduce fee for it citizens, does not exempt people from paying at least the period of the pandemic! This abuse of the citizens! We demand restoration of all housing programs to the extent that corresponds to the economic costs of the city,” said Alexei Kovalev.

Boris Vishnevsky also urged to restore the budget expenditures for the housing program due to the failure of measures in the sphere of event tourism, which this year is in St. Petersburg still does not take place, and the cost of state-Patriotic propaganda.

“the Reduction of funding for the resettlement of communal apartments is sabotage, everybody knows that they can not even self-isolation to observe!” the Deputy said.

all the arguments of deputies Vice-Governor Eduard Batanov said that the funds from the project ZSD can not take, so kato “the city has obligations, and we look a little further to 2020.” “Yes, we increased the reserve Fund, but he’s already more than a third spent on emergency measures against coronavirus, and we’ll spend more,” said Batanov, with an emphasis on what from the reserve Fund for housing programs to take the money too will not be.

as a result, In urban legislative Assembly took only a comprehensive amendment of the Governor and the amendment of the “United Russia”. Following the adjustments in the second reading changed the following characteristics of the budget: revenues decreased to 573,8 billion (in the first reading was 573,1), expenses increased to 684,95 billion (was 677,1). The deficit increased to 111 billion (104).

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the reserve Fund in St. Petersburg increased 30 times.

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