Daniel Auteuil is an actor of a very great talent, who, for tens of years, brand the characters he embodies. In cinema as in the theatre, he excels in registers, very different. Comedy and tragedy, of the ancient worlds to contemporary figures, it is not an area where he has shined.

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With Molière, it is of the characters. In 1990, in the Cour d’honneur of the popes ‘ Palace, he was running on the roofs of Naples in Les fourberies de Scapin , directed by Jean-Pierre Vincent, he was going to find a few years later, in 2008, in The School for wives . Scapin, the valet manipulator, Arnolphe, a man of 40 years of age who is a prisoner of the young Agnes to marry him. Finally here is Argan. The last role played by Molière, who had to have a severe discomfort during the fourth performance, he would not finish. He died this evening, February 17, 1673.

The audience laughed very heartily

The actors who play The imaginary invalid cannot think of their dear Molière and his tragic fate. Daniel Auteuil has chosen to stage it-even the comedy and he does it with authority, inventiveness, and love of his comrades. All is harmonious in this beautiful production of a private theatre that chooses to show a very great classic. The painter Jean-Paul Chambas, has imagined a decor in warm tones, red, orange, with contrasts of green, the curtains, the fireplace. The lights are soft, the costumes elegant, open space with issues that are well thought out. The troupe has as well an open-field, even if Argan spends a lot of time in his chair…

A troop united that brings together strong personalities, such as Alain Doutey, noble and firm Béralde, Jean-Marie Galey, Diafoirus well designed, Natalia Dontcheva, selfish, Béline, and great kids, such as Victoire Bélézy, Pierre-Yves Good, Gaël Cottat, Loïc Legendre, Cedric Zimmerlin. In the room, as Dorine in Tartuffe, there is a maid to be very intelligent, clear-headed, enterprising. Toinette is a character wonderfully human that the alacrity and finesse of Aurore Auteuil are still growing. She is a great person and we never forget that it was much applauded in a text that she had written herself and played, Sahar and Jeremy.

stage Director, Daniel Auteuil puts each in value and can imagine some very pretty scenes of entry and closure. Louison, the little girl, is played alternately by three young, very well directed.

And then there’s the performer, so fine, so deep, so mobile what is Daniel Auteuil. What is wonderful here is that he is not afraid of a joke, what does Molière. But it does not toggle never in the grimace too seconded, the caricature, the excess. It is very funny and the audience laughed very heartily. He suffers. It is ridiculous. He allows himself to be fooled. But to force them to love her illness, the pampering, it is also disturbing, and pathetic. In a word, as funny as that would be upsetting, a huge Argan. BOOK >

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