aficionados of Game of Thrones may get a consolation prize. While the end of the tv series has aroused the frustration of hundreds of thousands of fans, who accuse the authors of having botched the last few episodes, the american writer George R. R. Martin has hinted that he could cobble together in the last two books of his saga to an end different from the small screen.

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After you have taken out, between 1996 and 2011, five volumes of the series A Song of Ice and Fire , the base of the series Game of Thrones , the author of the cap has stalled. The sixth book, The Winds of Winter , is still being written, recalled, in a message posted Monday night on his blog the author, who also provides a seventh album, A Dream of Spring.

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Lack of material literary, the writers of the tv series had to fly on their own wings, guided, however, by the indications provided by George R. R. Martin. “How is this going does he finish?”, wrote the resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico. “With the same end of the series? A different ending? And well… yes. And no.”

A petition to change the end

“The book or the series, what will be the “real” end?”, he continues. “This is a silly question. How many children had Scarlett O’hara?”, he asks, in reference to gone with the wind , in which the heroine has several children in the novel but only one in the film. “What I suggest you is to write it down. You the read. And there everyone will be able to make up his own opinion and discussing it on the internet”, concluded the writer, at the age of 70 years.

The last component of Game of Thrones aroused such ire from fans that a petition has been launched on the site to ask that it be made again “with authors competent”. On Tuesday, she had collected almost 1.4 million signatures.

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In his blog, George R. R. Martin indicates that he is currently working with HBO, the broadcaster of the saga, on five new series. He is also working on two projects with the platform Hulu, new bridge-head of Disney for all programs other than youth and family, as well as a series with the cable channel History.

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