Garissa sausages on the Eternal fire in Kronstadt explained during the interrogation, his offense (video)

SK of Russia has published on its youtube channel a video of the interrogation of people frying sausages on Eternal fire in Kronstadt.

the intruders — two women and a man recognized that it was “a reckless act” and explained his “levity”.

the Investigating authorities of SK of Russia in St. Petersburg took its production of a criminal case brought on signs of the crime provided by part 2 of article 214 of the criminal code (vandalism).

According to investigators, at night on 24 may 2020, being at the monument “Eternal flame over the mass grave of the workers and sailors”, located on the Anchor square in Kronstadt, the company of the two women and men in age from 23 to 36 years “desecrated the memory of historical events, and is also dedicated to the memory of the object of cultural heritage, using it for cooking.”

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