Georgia responded to the words Zakharova

the Georgian authorities to invite the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova to visit the Research center of public health Richard Lugar. This was stated by Director of the National centre for disease control Amiran Gamkrelidze.

He said on air of the First channel that in 2018 in the laboratory was visited by experts from 18 countries, with the exception of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, Tbilisi “many times” invited Russian experts.

“Let them come Zakharova, and she will show everything”, — said Gamkrelidze.

on the Eve of the Russian foreign Ministry said that Tbilisi waiting for a response to a request to visit the lab Lugar. The Agency is concerned about “lack of information” about the center’s activities.

Earlier Zakharova said that in the lab “is working on creation and modification of various pathogens of dangerous diseases, including for military purposes”. Georgia called this version “a disinformation campaign of Russia against the West.”

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