In Germany, 31 drawings and landscape watercolours attributed to Hitler to be sold at auction. Although it is difficult to prove conclusively that Hitler was really painted, these achievements, if they prove to be authentic should be very popular. It will include watercolors featuring motifs of viennese Nuremberg, whose portraits of women and still lifes affixed the signature “Hitler” will be on sale. A spokesman for the auction house said that “buyers put a hand on her works because they are part of the Story. The guests of the house come from around the world”. Actually, the personal effects of Hitler continue to unleash the auction.

“Some of the photographs come from private collections, austrian or european, heirs and estates of collectors. There are a total of 23 different owners”, explained in the journal Kerstin Weidler, head of the auction house located in the German town that was the scene of great meetings nazis of the 1930s and the trials of the post-war period.

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doubts about the authenticity?

betting the minimum will start at 130 euros for a charcoal drawing Kloster im Weinberg (“Monastery of the Weinberg”), while those of the watercolour landscape Ort year einem Vorgebirgssee will start at 45.000 euros. “I’ve never seen such an auction with such a quantity of works” attributed to Adolf Hitler, stated in the journal, Stephan Klingen of the central Institute of art history of Munich.

The expert had at the end of January given his opinion to the office of criminal investigation berlin (LKA), which had confiscated three paintings of Hitler that were proposed during an auction. The suspicion? It should be false. The LKA had expressed doubts as to their authenticity. His so-called images of Adolf Hitler will come from the family’s collection of Cologne.

In a tweet, the Berlin police said that the LKA has confiscated three watercolours in an auction house in Pankow, signed Hitler.

Hitler and his attraction for painting

having failed the entrance examination to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Adolf Hitler, whose artistic talents have always been regarded as poor, however, has continued to paint. It copied scenes from postcards which he then sold them to tourists.

Following her appointment as leader of the NSDAP with the chancellor, several of the counterfeiters, whose former business partner of Hitler, Reinhold Hanisch, have been produced on a large scale of so-called tables designs of the Fuehrer. These so-called “leaders” come from different sources: in many cases, it is simply a case of watercolours and drawings more or less bad of all the authors in the period from 1900 to 1930, which were then in possession of signatures presumed to be of Hitler.

The auction of some of his works have been controversy in recent years. In any case, this is not punishable as long as no nazi symbol does not appear on the images, it is not forbidden to sell it on the market.

The auction house Weidler has already sold out in the past a number of tables assigned to the Führer, including a pair of watercolours for 32.000 euros in 2009. In June 2015, watercolours and drawings by Adolf Hitler were sold at auction in Germany for almost 400,000 euros.