The room is built in a series of skits that follow each other with more or less of link. One hears, then sees two men who confront each in turn the representative of a society as crazy, absurd, surreal dehumanised. It is a universe that was particularly fond of Sébastien Thiéry. But, then, it is successful. This way of writing short and dense suit him much better, he who sometimes has trouble keeping his plays until the end. We think Dubillard, or what could make the theatre the great and the late Jacques Seiler.

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From the beginning, one is in the mood, because, in fact, it starts strong: a nice man is facing a doctor falsely compassionate, after the denunciation of the family, is responsible, through a series of tests, not to check if he is crazy, and the more likely to direct his life, but more prosaically it is part of the larger community of fools. Community that the government is pragmatic, as he does with others, condemns them to regroup. “The vast program!” would have said the general de Gaulle.

The Large Scene #5 : Sébastien Thiéry, author of “Eight euros per hour” – to Look on Figaro Live

Even if there is a strong difference between the cons that sought the General and the fools happy of which we speak Thiéry! But, of course, difficult to escape the message, even if it is much more ambiguous than it seems. It is, in any case, funny and, obviously, very intelligent. And, above all, wonderfully played by Eric Verdin and Renaud Danner, who will alternate over the skits and with the same talent, the position of dominating and dominated.

The process without doubt tired a little and the skits are of course not of equal quality, but we take the game. Difficult, for example, not to make fun of this man without sex, which just buy one in a specialized shop. Transhumanism is no doubt here referred to. And Thiéry hits the mark!

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