Prepare yourself to “a time of intense and provocative”. Three years after their separation, the american rock band Gossip returns to the european stages to celebrate ten years of the album Music for Men . Beth Ditto, charismatic singer with the powerful voice and singular has announced on Instagram the dates of his tour. Good news for the French fans, the lesbian icon, drummer Hannah Blilie and guitarist Nathan Howdeshell land for two dates this summer.

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“We don’t believe that 10 years have already passed since Music for Men ! We are more than excited to find our family Gossip and our fans. We really missed playing these songs and to enter into a connection with our audience incredible and inspiring”, welcomed the group in a press release relayed by NME.

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Gossip had a worldwide success in 2009 with their fourth album Music for Men. But it is in France and Germany-the trio of Portland finds its wider community of fans. More than 300,000 discs are sold in france in more than a million digital sales and streaming pay for their hit, Heavy Cross , included in the top 100 of the singles sold in 2010. At every gig planned in France, Gossip shows full including Bercy. The separation of the group in 2016 has broken the hearts of fans. Beth Ditto launching into a solo career and released a year later, the album Fake Sugar .

meet again at the festival Beauregard July 4, and on the stage of the salle Pleyel on July 8, Gossip ended its tour of Europe in Dublin on the 18th of August during the new festival of LGBT Love Sensation. Rarity of the event, fans will have to be ready to take their tickets on sale Friday, march 29, at 9am. To the extent that it is not yet known if the reformation of the group will last beyond the summer.

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We can finally announce! Tickets on sale Friday! It’s been 10 years since Music for Men and we are so excited/lucky to get to be reunited with our Gossip family for a few special shows! So much love!!!!

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