Since his coronation at the Oscars last year, Guillermo del Toro seems to have a thousand and one projects. In the months following his triumph, the director of The shape of water had announced that he will direct the feature film Pinocchio for Netflix, before embarking on a horror series for the platform. The mexican film-maker should not stay there. According to the american media Collider , he would be getting ready to stage an action film alongside J. J. Abrams.

Guillermo del Toro will write and perform the action movie Zanbato whereas the director of Super 8 will take care of the production of the feature film via his production company Bad Robot have announced our colleagues on Friday. In the aftermath, the filmmaker has confirmed the information in a message published on Twitter, explaining floor on the project for several years.

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“It’s been almost 6 years that the project is on the rails! Thanks to J. J. and his discretion is legendary, it has not been leaked. We are moving forward at a steady pace. Stay tuned here for more information on my upcoming shoots. By the way, the pre-production of Pinocchio has already begun in Portland, Oregon”, shared Guillermo del Toro on the social network.

The details of the history of Zanbato are not yet known. However, the film will be built around a young girl, between 10 and 15 years, expert in combat techniques, according to Collider . The name “Zanbato” which refers to a long japanese sword, we can imagine a feature-length film in the wake of Alita , version samurai. “This is not a project Ninja”, has, however, clarified the director in a second message, adding mischievously that the audience will find beautiful and well ninjas.